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                 a Modica


We have thought about how to make a stay among the colors and flavors of our land unforgettable,

we have thought about how to make your stay as pleasant as if you were at home.

In the city center or in the Modica countryside, we have the solution that best suits your way of being 

and to experience the holiday, as a couple or in company, in search of culture, history, nature or your size.



Pizzo Belvedere

At 800 meters from the "Pomegranate" the most spectacular point of the city from which to admire the breathtaking view or relax sipping a drink or tasting some of the many typical products of Modica.

Cathedral of San Giorgio

Unesco World Heritage Site, the Cathedral, rebuilt following the earthquake of 1693, with its five naves and 250 steps is the highest expression of Modican late-Baroque architecture . 

Cathedral of San Pietro

Unesco World Heritage Site, the cathedral of San Pietro has a monumental staircase that houses the statues of the twelve apostles and, inside, a beautiful floor.

San Nicolò Inferiore

A rock church discovered only in 1987 with still unexplored tombs and crypts, in Byzantine style with apse and Christ Pantocrator.

"Cavallo d'Ispica" water mill

Just 12 km from the center of Modica, the Arab-type water mill is the most authentic testimony of Modica peasant life.

All the rooms can be visited, including the ancient millstone.

Entrance ticket:

Adults €  

Children €  


For chocolate lovers   you cannot miss a stop in this laboratory run by the Bonajuto family. You will see the famous Modica chocolate take shape before your eyes.

The Castle of the Counts

Last testimony of the County of Modica, today little remains of the ancient construction but the premises that were used as prisons are interesting

Punta Secca

40 km from Modica, location of the "Commissario Montalbano".

A walk on the "pilaja" next to Salvo's house or a stroll to the "da Enzo" restaurant to have the illusion of being a protagonist of the successful TV series. 

Salvatore Quasimodo's house

The most famous hermetic poet was born here. Visiting his birthplace, one can grasp a little of that poetry of his that "immediately falls into the evening".


A visit to the tonnare is not to be missed, in the municipality of Pachino (SR) 45 km from Modica. The small square with the colored houses, a stop for the lemon or coffee "granita" , a walk along the pier will be worth the day.


If your vacation is scheduled for June, take a look at the calendar to participate in this cult chocolate event  modicano.

Alleys of the city

Lose yourself in the alleys of Modica in search of fantastic views to capture and take away with you, stopping from time to time in one of the many clubs you will encounter.

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